Sunday, October 6, 2013

Melanie Dickerson's "The Captive Maiden" interview & book giveaway

Hello All! Please join me in welcoming my dear friend Melanie Dickerson to my blog once again. She visiting this week to tell us a little about herself and her book "The Captive Maiden."

Winner alert! Congratulations goes to...NATALIE MONK
Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi, Debra! Well, I live in north central Alabama, and I’m originally from L.A.—Lower Alabama, that is. I have two daughters and a husband, and we are a pretty boring family. J We all like to read and watch old episodes of Psych and Duck Dynasty, both of which we recently discovered, and Jane Austen movies. Well, I should clarify. My daughters and I like to watch Jane Austen movies. My husband gets tired of them after once or twice. He actually prefers football.

Why do you write the kind of books you do?
Hm … well, since my books are several different genres in one, I will make this a multi-faceted answer. J I write romance stories because romance is the genre I most enjoy reading and watching myself, and I write Medieval stories because that time period has always fascinated me, and I write fairy tale retellings because it is so fun to take a familiar story and twist and change and embellish it and make it as romantic as I can, and I write Christian stories because God is the agent of change in my life and my characters’ lives, and novels are all about characters who change and grow and become better people.
Besides writing, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
Hobbies? People think I have hobbies? Haha! Just kidding. Sort of. J Actually, I used to be into scrapbooking all my children’s photos, but that has sort of gone by the wayside since I started writing novels. Hm. Hobbies. Does exercise count? I try to make it to the gym three times a week. Although you wouldn’t know it to look at me!
Have you always wanted to be a writer?
I wanted to be a writer all through junior high and high school, but I put it aside when I started college and didn’t pick it back up again until about 15 years later.

What advice would you give to a beginning writer?

Read and learn all you can from books on writing and writing blogs and websites. There’s lots of great information on the internet. You can never know everything, so keep reading! And practicing! Write as much as you can, and pray. God knows how to bless your writing.

What book are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my fifth fairy tale retelling, which is a Frog Prince story about Margaretha, Gabe’s sister, who is also Rose and Wilhelm’s daughter.  I also have been working on a Regency series, but no official word on when that might be published. But stay tuned to my facebook page and blog for any news!

Please tell us a little about your book.

The Captive Maiden is a Cinderella story, and it’s also the story of Valten, Gabe’s brother from The Fairest Beauty. It’s kind of a cross between Cinderella and Ivanhoe, since Valten is a knight and he competes in a jousting tournament in this story. It’s quite exciting and romantic, if I do say so myself. J It seems to be a favorite with my beta readers as well, including my two daughters. They like it even more than The Fairest Beauty, but maybe I shouldn’t say that.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
I have a website,, which includes my blog, and they can watch my trailers there as well. And they can keep up with any breaking news about my books, and interact with me, on my facebook page, I like facebook, so I’m on there a lot. J I’m also on Twitter. @melanieauthor is my Twitter name. I love hearing from my readers, so don’t hesitate to say hello!
Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Debra! You’re a great friend!!!
I enjoyed having you on my blog again, Melanie. I absolutely love your books. I am so looking forward to reading this one too!!  Love the cover :)
Now, because only one winner will be chosen, and you'd love to get your own copy of "The Captive Maiden" Here's the Amazon link :
Drawing will be held, October 12


Amy C said...
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Amy C said...
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Amy C said...

I would love to have this book! Melanie is the best!!. Great interview.
I'm an old follower.
campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Merry said...

I've been enjoying Melanie's retellings, so good! Please add me for The Captive Maiden. Thanks.
I'm an old follower.
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Morgan Tarpley said...

Hi Debra & Melanie!!

How have you fun chicks been? :) Hope well!

I can't wait to read The Captive Maiden! And hope to win a copy!

Well hope yall have a great week!

Morgan T

Morgan Tarpley said...

oh yeah!

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Cindy W. said...

I love Melanie's books and would really love to win a copy of The Captive Maiden. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

Cindy W. said...

I forgot to say that I am an old follower. Would love to win.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

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Patricia Bradley said...

Since everyone seems to be forgetting, let me say right off the bat I'm an old follower. :-) I love Melanie's books!!! Can't wait to read this one. pat at ptbradley dot com

Jennifer said...

I like to win also!

Ginger Solomon said...

I would love to win Melanie's book.

Ginger dot solomon at gmail dot com

Melanie Dickerson said...

Thanks, everybody, for stopping by! I see a lot of familiar faces and names here. :-) And thank you, Debra, for having me on your blog!

Beckie said...

I LOVE Melanie's books! Finished The Fairest Beauty just a while back - can't wait to read Captive Maiden!! Enjoyed reading the interview & learning more about Melanie! Hoping to win a book too!

Pam said...

I'm thankful for a chance to win Melanie's newest book, The Captive Maiden. My daughter and I love her books. I give them to her but read them as well. The Captive Maiden is on her Christmas wish list. I'm happy to hear Melanie is working on a retelling of The Frog Prince, featuring Margaretha. I like the way all the books (except The Merchant's Daughter)are about one family. It's fun to re-visit them in each book.

Pam said...

I forgot to include my e-mail. Guess I was too excited about the books!


Natalie Monk said...

Would love to be entered! Melissa's books are fabulous. Can't wait to read this one! Good luck to everyone who enters.