Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cowgirls Don't Cry --- giveaway of 5 e-book copies

Let's Celebrate Today!! My post received 9 comments, so I decided to give each one of you a copy of my book!!!
Susan Snodgrass
Deanna Stevens
Amy C.
Cindy W.
KarenK. (I have already sent your copies to each of you)

(I need email addresses from)
Ginger Solomon
Linda Robinson
Lynn Taylor

Hey, All! I'm giving away 5 (yes that's right 5) Kindle e-book copies of my newest release, Cowgirls Don't Cry.

Tagline: She believes love is just a cruel deception, but can a handsome stranger prove her wrong?

Blurb: Sami Lawson’s scars run deep, and she trusts no one. Ever since her mother abandoned her 
family when she was ten, Sami has watched her father grow cold and bitter from a broken heart.
The one question she cannot shake is: Where is God through all this? To her wounded heart, the only answer she can find is: He is not. As Sami gets to know Chase, her walls start to come down, which frightens her. Can she trust this man who seems so sincere? Or will he abandon her just like her mother did?

After hearing rumors about Sami, Chase Townsend expected a “man-eater” of a woman, especially with a nickname like “Wild Cat.” Instead, he is stunned by the beauty with the sparkling blue eyes.
However, Chase quickly figures out that something has happened to Sami, and he has to decide if he is willing to try to help her overcome her bitterness or if he should just let the “Wildcat” be. Because of Chase’s deep trust in God, and his strong perseverance streak, he makes it his mission to show Sami that God loves her and, only He can heal her broken past.

Now that Chase has made it his business to witness to Sami, he finds himself falling in love.
Will his heart be broken when Sami pushes him away?

(only available on Amazon Kindle)

Drawing will be held January 23