Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Newest Release. JUST ONE KISS

Hello Gang! I know it's been a while since I've been on my blog. From been on tight deadlines, to starting up a new ministry with my husband, my life has been crazy busy over the last year.

However, I just has to share my latest news. My newest book, JUST ONE KISS, is available on Amazon now!!

Let me tell you a little about it...

Who knew jumping out of a window would change her life forever.

Amber Lexington has to make one of the biggest decisions in her life, and she only has seconds to make it. It’s either jump out of a wedding chapel window or be trapped in a loveless marriage forever.

Rejected and abandoned by his fiancĂ©e, Nolan Spearman needs a reprieve to get his life back on track. When his parents offer him the job of remodeling their newly acquired beach house, Nolan gladly accepts. It’s the perfect plan. That is, until his twin sister and her best friend, Amber, show up and throw a wrench into his well-laid plans. Will he be able to keep his heart from falling in love again? Especially with a woman who harbors a secret that could change everything?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Christmas Potpourri - Vol.2 ebook #giveaway

 Hello, all! It's hard to believe, but it's only 133 days until CHRISTMAS. :) 

To celebrate the release of A CHRISTMAS POTPOURRI - vol.2, I'm giving away a free e-book copy to one lucky winner.

A Christmas story for every taste from clean to Christian, from short to full length, from historical to contemporary, you’re bound to find a story to suit your taste. Come celebrate the season with us and have your heart touched by romance.                                                                        
14 Christmas Story all in one place. Here’s the list of the authors and their stories that are included in this set:
NUTCRACKER CHRISTMAS by Jennifer AlLee                                                                      A MATCH MADE FOR  CHRISTMAS by Debra LynnCollins                                             THE BALSAM BRIDE by Sadie & Sophie Cuffe                                                             REMNANTS OF FAITH by Renee DeMarco                                                                       THE FACE OF MARY by Darlene Franklin                                                                         HER CHRISTMAS ANGEL by Rhonda Gibson                                                              TREE OF HOPE by Helen Gray                                                                                    CHRISTMAS GOLD by Cynthia Hickey                                                                          SILVER BELLS by Debby Mayne                                                                                     MAIL ORDER BRIDES by Julie Pollitt                                                                                     SILVER LINING by Colleen L. Reece                                                                               CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS by Martha Rogers                                                                         A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS by Debra Ullrick                                                       DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS by Kathleen Y’Barbo
All you have to do to be enter into the drawing is to leave a comment and tell me what your favorite Christmas song is. That's it!                                                                                      Please make sure to leave your email address along with your comment.
Drawing will be held August 27

Saturday, August 6, 2016

A MARRIAGE WORTH WAITING FOR - Book 2 in The Alabama Brides Series (ebook giveaway)

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!!!! A MARRIAGE WORTH WAITING FOR is book-2 in the Alabama Brides series. The sequel to A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE.

 Now, Wade Haston in, A Marriage of Convenience finally has a love story of his very own.

Tagline: He’s a confirmed bachelor and plans on keeping it that way. Will she be able to change his mind and win his heart?

Blurb: Anslee Ryan’s living her dream. Dream life. Dream job. Dream boyfriend. Until the dream comes crashing down around her. With no good options, she decides to move back home to Trinity, Alabama to nurse her broken heart and figure out where to go from here. But in her absence some things have changed drastically including some additions to the town she doesn’t remember from her first time around. Can she navigate this new landscape and keep her heart from being shredded once more?

Wade Haston hasn’t had life any easier. His first love is now married, and the grandmother who raised him no longer recognizes him. Hurting and very much alone, he has decided that love is a one-way street to getting your heart shattered. However, when a beautiful former Trinity resident shows up, his commitment to being a “confirmed bachelor” might be harder to stick to than he thought. Love always sounded so easy, but he’s no longer sure love is even worth it. Can he convince her, much less himself, to give love a second chance, and if he does, will he just end up where he started?

For those of you that haven't read A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE. Here's Book-1 in this series.

Book books are available on Amazon, right now, for only .99 cents. But because I am super excited about my newest release, I want to share a copy with one of you.

If you would like to enter the giveaway for a free (Kindle) ebook of a copy of A MARRIAGE WORTH WAITING FOR, just leave a comment below, and that's it. 
PLEASE, PLEASE include you email address in with your comment. That's the only way I can contact you, if you're the lucky winner. 

Drawing will be held August 12. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Newest Release***Camellia's Smile*** Free ebook copy

I'm so excited to share the news of my newest release with all of you, CAMELLIA'S SMILE. (American State Flower collection) novella.

It's time to announce the winners:: TRIXI & EMMA(allgems)

Blurb: When Camellia Stewart’s grandfather has a heart attack, she returns to Midvale, Alabama to help her grandparents on their farm until her grandfather is back on his feet. The morning after her return, she confronts Brody Tarvin, her grandparent’s new neighbor, with a shotgun. 

Even though the neighbor’s granddaughter threatened to shoot him, Brody can’t stop thinking about her. After hearing about her grandfather’s heart attack, he decides to lend Camellia a hand on her grandparent’s farm. He finds himself falling for the woman with the beautiful smile until he discovers she has a boyfriend back home in Birmingham. 

Can Brody win her heart and convince her to stay in Midvale, or will she go back to the big city and leave him behind?

To celebrate the release of my book, I'm giving away two (ebook) copies. Leave a comment below and enter to win! Even if you're not the winner, Camellia's is available at Amazon for only .99 cents or FREE on kindle unlimited :) 

Drawing will be held, March 5th

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Match Made for Christmas -- book giveaway

Hey All!  It's time to announce the winner. MARYANN SKARITKA

With the release of my newest book, I am getting in the Christmas spirit a little early this year. I absolutely LOVE Christmas!! It's my all time favor time of the year!! I begin decorating my home the day after Thanksgiving. All the trees goes up. Yes, I said trees :) I have a Christmas tree in every room in my house. ( I may share pictures this year)

I was invited a few months ago to be a part of a Christmas boxed set along with seven other authors called, Love's Gift. I was super excited to write my first Christmas story. But, it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it's in the middle of the Summer and it's 90 degrees outside.
So, with a little extra help from Christmas music, bumping the air conditioner up, and popping in a Christmas movie or two helped me along with my story. :)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a giveaway of the boxed set, Love's Gift, that my solo novella, A Match Made for Christmas was included in. Now I want to give away a paperback copy of the my individual story.

TAGLINE:  You can’t give someone a man for Christmas, or can you?

All of a sudden, Seirra Marshall finds herself anonymously receiving several roses along with various date invitations from men she barely knows. She wonders what is going on. When she discovers the truth, she is heartbroken and questions if the man she trusted is in on the whole matchmaking scheme.

Corbin Whitley is in love with Seirra Marshall and has been since the day he first laid eyes on her. When he discovers she is single again, he decides to do whatever it takes to win her heart. Just when he thinks that is happening, something goes terribly wrong. Will he be able to fix the wrong done to her, or is it too late?

If you're interested in purchasing the entire boxed set, Love's Gift for .99¢ you can find it on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015YLZ7DO

Drawing will be held Nov. 21

Merry Christmas to All!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


            Hello All! Now it's time to announce the winner... Let's see, I think because I only had three wonderful followers to comment. I think you all deserve to win!!! So, the winners are, Linda, Cindy, and Wendy. I have already sent each of you a copy of, Love's Gift. Enjoy!!

I know it's been quiet a while since I've posted here on my blog. But, 2015 has been a little crazy for me :)

I am so excited to share my wonderful news with all my faithful followers.

This is my very first Christmas story, and it's included in a boxed set with seven other amazing authors. Belle Calhoune, Valerie Comer, Christina Coryell, Heather Gray, Elizabeth Maddrey, Lee Tobin McClain, and Krista Phillips.
Each of these never-before-released inspirational romances has an uplifting holiday message that will help you relax, forget your worries, and focus on the real meaning of Christmas: Jesus, God's gift to the world. 

Join eight beloved Christian romance writers as they weave tales about all kinds of Christmas romance. 

Can you go home again for Christmas? Belle Calhoune’s inspirational romance novella says yes, and it’s particularly exciting when you find your Mistletoe in Montana. 

Debra Lynn Collins wonders if you can actually give someone a man for Christmas… and A Match Made for Christmas is one Christian romance that answers that question! 

Valerie Comer introduces us to a disillusioned toy store clerk and a mall Santa who don't see eye-to-eye on the whole Christmas season, but that's nothing a few Merry Kisses can't cure. 

And Christina Coryell’s Unwrapped takes traditional Christmas celebrations to the next level when heroine Trina Miller falls for her best friend’s brother. 

If you like Christian fiction with hospital settings, Heather Gray’s An Informal Christmas will warm your heart as her hero and heroine overcome their differences to help sick kids. 

Christmas isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year. In fact, Christmas light displays take on a whole new meaning when you hate Christmas! But the hero of Elizabeth Maddrey’s Christian romance novellaOperation Mistletoe won’t let heroine Victoria Spencer stay a Scrooge for long. 

In the Christian romance A Bond for the Holidays, a family almost falls apart when a terrible secret is revealed… but this inspirational novella by Lee Tobin McClain shows how God’s love can work a miracle. 

Maybe you prefer celebrating Christmas 365 days a year in the Smoky Mountains. In Krista Phillips’inspirational holiday novella, A (kinda) Country Christmas a woman does just that—until a handsome, world traveler shows up and ruins everything.

 I'm giving away one FREE copy of our boxed set. For a chance to win your FREE copy of "Love's Gift" just leave a comment below. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN WITH YOUR COMMENT. 

Drawing will be held, October 31